Untested swords will never be taken into battle. It would be folly for the wise to do so.


No weapon is without it’s own peculiar weakness. Hence, testing a sword before battle is important. This way, the wielder knows the rules that applies to his weapon. He knows what to do and what not to do. For example, some swords can parry a blow with their flat sides only. If you tried using the edge, it may break. It doesn’t mean the sword is weak. It’s just the way it was made.


Everyday, the life must test us to know the extent to which we may be applied in solving societal problems. When you prove strong, you become the solution for strong issues. When you’re weak, you can only handle small matters that shouldn’t break you.


Life’s tests and trials are not here to work against you. They are here to help.

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Maxwell Kingson Chibueze is a passionate blogger, a life coach and consultant. He is a dedicated S.O.G and advocate of right leadership.


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