Let me share a secret with you.

The mind is yet a mystery to science and the common man. Many have tried to master it without success. Over the years, questions have arisen. Questions that almost no-one has attempted to answer.

Where do ideas come from?

What is the source of inspiration?

How do I trigger ideas and inspiration in my mind?

One truth cannot be denied; whatever color of skin man may possess, he seeks to unravel his mind to find inspiration in life, and for the next big idea that will bring him to the peak of life.


The key to mastering and maximizing one’s mind is so simple that it is overlooked because of its simplicity. Most people expect complex problems to have complex answers, so they naturally pay little attention to simple solutions.

The mind is cultivated and cultured by the knowledge it receives. But more importantly, it retains and generates ideas and inspiration from whatever piece of knowledge it continues to dwell on. The two key words here are KNOWLEDGE and MEDITATION.


Whatever you know the most is what you’ll meditate on, and whatever you meditate on the most is what will inspire you.

Whatever inspires a man is what he’ll do. A man lives the life that inspires him.

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Maxwell Kingson Chibueze is a passionate blogger, a life coach and consultant. He is a dedicated S.O.G and advocate of right leadership.


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