The only price that greatness requires from you in order to associate himself with you, is a sense of, and commitment to responsibility.


The degree to which you allow yourself become responsible for the things that are and occur around you will determine how much greatness will come your way. Also, a man is not great because of what he says he’ll do, he’s great because of the great works he’s done.


This simply means that when you begin to become responsible for your society and her welfare, you’ll find yourself doing amazing works in her. Your status in her must then increase. It cannot be the same. Great men and women are people of influence and power. They are capable of reaching heights that common men and women can only dream of.


Finally, a person is only common because he or she has adamantly refused to take full responsibility of, and in life.


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Maxwell Kingson Chibueze is a passionate blogger, a life coach and consultant. He is a dedicated S.O.G and advocate of right leadership.

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