My friend look…


Living a life that makes a difference must mean that you are different. You’re not like other people on earth. You’re a different sort of person. Your acts are different from the norm.


But know this, when you really are different, you will have critics as much as you would have fans….because people celebrate or completely condemn the different. These two set of people must be present in your life, riding out life with you.


If any set is missing in your life, look….check your life well. Maybe you’re not really making a difference that’s great enough to sign you off as different. But if you are making a difference and you see both, don’t stop!


I know you’d want so much to stop because of the critics, but don’t.


Also, mark each victory but don’t get excited because of those that celebrate you. Excitement is an emotion. Emotions don’t help much in life. Keep looking at the goal in front. What you set out to do from the beginning. You’re not there yet until you say:

“It is finished.”


Stay focused.





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