The hallmark of impending failure is that complacence that stalks the wake of all great achievements.
Humans are motivated to be their best when it’s a do or die affair. This is the result of the survival instinct built into man. But when the deed is done and there is success, that instinct wanes and eventually winks out as the doer becomes passively complacent.
So you’re told; if you do not pass this test, your out of the program. This threat motivates you to study like you have never studied before and you pass with top grades. Now the threat has passed, so no need to study hard again. The next test, you do poorly.
When you had no job, you attended every program. Disciplined yourself to obey the word of God and prayed like a warrior. All because you need God to bless you with a good job. Now you have a great job but somehow there’s no time to pray as much as you used to. Nor is there time to attend all those programs. Problems are beginning to bloom in your job.
Before you finally gained admission into the University of your choice, you became a committed born again believer. Now you’re in school and completely careless with your faith. You don’t understand your books as you used to. It’s not demons. It’s all you.
Except an individual disciplines himself to be faithful to his standards in and out of season, with or without motivation, no matter the level of success he once attained, he will ultimately end in failure. We must learn not to be motivated by gratification but to become whatever we decide to become because of the quality of that character.
“the greatest enemy of your success in life is your last success”
Dr Myles Munroe.
A seed needs the earth to grow. The final destination of the seed is the bearing of fruits. No matter how many fruits this seed bears, it will always continue to need the earth. What’s more?  The grown tree needs more earth than the small seed.
No matter the amount of money God blessed you with, you can still be  poor. Wealth is not the presence of money. It is the ability to reproduce money again if anything should happen to what you have now. Disconnect from the principles that gave you the money in the first place and you find yourself unable to reproduce.
No matter how tall you build or how far you go, you will always need to depend on your foundation.
Build a sure foundation today. Never abandon your roots. Continually grow in your reliance to them even when you don’t feel you need them. You will neither remain stagnant nor will you fall.
Maxwell Chibueze
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