To be successful in life, and afterwards stretch into the arenas of significance, one requires great doses of courage and commitment.


Since great profit hides mostly at the peak of high mountains, courage is needed for the climb. Other times, becoming significant requires that you leap off a cliff. So where others see foolishness, you see opportunity despite the great risk.


If you want your life to grow into something more than it is now, you have to plant the life you have right now and watch your seed break down and die. Out of the rot, a shoot will sprout.

In the secret book of wisdom, it is said;

“Except a grain of corn falls to the ground and dies, it abides yet alone”


Invest or sacrifice your life now.

Sow it in the lives of others.

Sow it in significance.

Be courageous and make that climb…

Take the leap…

You will find that you’ll land in success.


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Maxwell Kingson Chibueze is a passionate blogger, a life coach and consultant. He is a dedicated S.O.G and advocate of right leadership.


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