Gardens are a thing of beauty. Filled with all sorts of sounds made by the earth’s fauna, but yet still somehow as deeply silent as an ancient tomb. A garden is one of the best places to exercise the muscles of the nostrils as it is home for the most exotic kinds of fragrances on earth.
The difference between a garden and mere bush… is order.
Both bushes and gardens can have trees and flowers in them but while one is typically repulsive to the senses of the observer, the other is ultimately attractive.
What sets the garden apart from its counterpart?
What gives it that attractive sheen?
The answer lies in organization
Organization is the source of order. For a thing to be in order means that the thing is working in the right way. Order is very attractive to the senses.
“When you organize yourself, you bring order to your life.”
Dr Myles Monroe
An orderly life is that which attracts resources and the right associations. Hunters are never found in gardens. They go to the bush. Just as surely as you don’t go to the bush to pick flowers. You go to the garden.
The more organized your lifestyle is, the more resources and right people you’re able to attract to yourself. These people are attracted to the beauty and serenity in you.
Disorganized people are mostly bush.
They arrive late to their appointments.
They iron or pack their clothes not a day before but on that day they plan to wear it for that event.
Success never happens by accident. Success is intentional. So success must be planned.
You are only as successful in life as the level to which you organize yourself.
Don’t be bush.
Be a garden.
Maxwell Chibueze
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