Today’s world is one on the move.

Known as Generation Z or the microwave generation, this generation is one that is experiencing and responding to the world in an entirely different light.

We are also facing a lot of information overload because of the access we have to the outside world through the internet.
An average youth today is faced with many challenges, responsibilities and obligations. There is also the pressure today to live up to a certain standard of life. Thus, you see a lot of young people (of course those who are trying to at least have a fairly decent life) pursuing education, passions, maybe running a side hustle, engaging in personal development activities amongst other things.
The question is, how do you find balance amongst all of this WITHOUT losing the essence of who you are?
Time management: A simple google search says it is “The process of planning and controlling how much time to spend on activities.”
Another definition puts it to be “The process of planning and exercising CONSCIOUS control of time spent on SPECIFIC activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.”
Balance: “An even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to REMAIN UPRIGHT AND STEADY.” (Oxford dictionaries)

Effectiveness: “The ability to be successful and produce the intended results.” (Cambridge)
I currently balance law school, my campus job, photography, heading an NGO, being in the student government, running my businesses, vlogging, being a part of other teams, and also being a daughter (that’s a whole job too 😂)
24 hours on many days never looks enough but how can you make it work?

I would like to share some practical tips that can help you acheive balance and effectiveness amidst your busy schedule.

*Tip no 1: PRIORITISE -* This is so important! You need to know what comes first and what doesn’t. For me, I know that for now school comes first before all else and that guides all I do. Alot of us lack this skill and that is why we either find it hard to say no to certain responsibilities and why sometimes we struggle with giving adequate time to things that should be of high priority to us. Is spending your time binge watching a seasonal movie really a priority? Is spending your money buyig expensive clothes, shoes or wigs really a priority? Is that hangouot really important? Or is investing for your future a priority?

*Tip no 2: Set SMART* GOALS – The first thing I do when I wake up is pick up my diary and write out my goals for the day. Learn to set Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound goals. It is important to set CLEAR goals. This also helps with accountability and feedback as you track your progress. Someone should look at your goals and be able to understand what it is about immediately. Specific: Your goal should be exact, and relating to one thing
Measurable: peg a date and time to it if possible
Attainable: Be realistic, don’t build castles in the air
Relevant: be practical and let your goals align with your purpose, vision and identity
Time bound: long and short term goals. your goal should have a beginning and an end

For example, in 2020, my Period Care Pack for School Girls Campaign aims to reach 100 girls each month and a total of 1,200 girls by the end of the year with menstrual hygeine knowledge and sanitary materials.

*Tip no 3: Avoid time* wasters – Avoid people or activities that will not add VALUE to your life. Redeem your time as the Bible says.
You must learn to be very meticulous with your time. Time is money as they say and this is very true. DO not waste time having conversations or hangouts that do not help you become a better person or that eat into time you should spend developing yourself. This is also a pointer to the fact that your association should be with people who are heading where you are headed. My set of friends currently are people who are highly invested in community service, attaining financial freedom early in life and people who share my faith as well.

*Tip no 4: Multi-task – Yes.* I actually believe multi-tasking is an actual thing and it has worked for me. What stops you from reading your book while you get your hair or nails done? I do my daily readings over breakfast. I listen to podcasts while I go round for maitenance on my campus job.

Today I want you to let go of the mentality that only women can multi task or that multi tasking is impossible cos that is a big lie. This is a skill you MUST Learn if you must find balance

*Tip no 5: Learn to say NO*
– Don’t take on what you cannot handle. Make sure that what you say YES to aligns with your identity, your vision, your passion and your goals. I used to struggle with this but now I am confident when I say NO. Do not make people think they can co-opt you to do things last minute. Make people respect your time cos it is valuable!

*Tip no 6: If you are religious, Have an active relationship with God* – I cannot even overemphasise this. A relationship with God supplies grace for the work in my hands to be honest.

*Tip no 7: EAT, SLEEP AND CHILL* :
Don’t do too much of these, just have an equal proportion of them. Oh, and sometimes you WILL work late nights to achieve your goals, don’t get it twisted. Don’t overeat, you will not be healthy and you need to be healthy. Eat healthily too; lots of water and vegetables. Sleep is a dicey topic cos you would have to deny yourself of this many times but make sure it does not become a habit. If you can squeeze in power naps during the day, please do. Chill is over important. Reward yourself, don’t neglect your friendships or relationships because you are busy saving the world. CHILL. However, going partying the entire weekend is a foolish thing to do.
The world will not slow down for you but neither should you for it. Even in the midst of the “chaos” it is possible to make impact and be effective without losing your mind. All you need to do is to find a balance in order to be effective in today’s world and these tips are practical tips that have worked for me and which I believe would work for you.
Another thing I would like to add to all that has been said is that alot of what I have mentioned above will hardly make sense to you unless you know what your purpose is. Your purpose is the answer to the question of WHO ARE YOU?
So, who are you? Are you able to articulate what matters to you, what you have been called to do with your life in 3-5 sentences?
Being able to do this keeps you constantly reminded about your priorities. For example, I am highly invested in literacy and community service, photography and helping others find their GOd given purpose and so whatever goals I set, whatever activities I involve myself in, whatever kind of human connections I make are always aligned with who I am. So it is important that you know yourself through and through if you really want to live a meaningful life. You could be implementing all the steps I have shared with you above, but if you are implementing outside of your life’s purpose then what’s the use?
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