For a diligent person, there is no day-off. Where every other kind of job may have a reprieve that’s temporary enough to allow for days-off, the man that’s commited to his work has to always fulfil his role even while he sleeps. He has to remain himself, act like himself, eat, talk, sleep and express himself as a himself for the rest of his life.


But don’t get me wrong, it’s not really a job for him. That’s why it’s not hard-work for him. Whatever he’s doing is what he was born to do. It’s much like having an arm attached to your shoulder. You have to live with this arm. There’s nothing difficult or stressful in living with your own arm. That’s how the diligent man is. He doesn’t know how to be any other way. He’s diligent at his works.

Finding your calling in life is the first step to diligence. Find your arm, so to speak, and remain effortlessly attached to it.

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Maxwell Kingson Chibueze is a passionate blogger, a life coach and consultant. He is a dedicated S.O.G and advocate of right leadership.


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